Ground School

Rusty Wings

If it's been a while since you've taken to the skies or feel you need a refresher this is the course for you.

In addition to recurrent flight training, the Canadian Aviation Regulations require any pilot who has not acted as Pilot in Command or Co-Pilot of an aircraft in the last 5 years to complete the PSTAR exam. While that in itself is a great step in the right direction for returning to the sky is it enough? By taking this course you will not only obtain the knowledge and practice you need to pass the PSTAR exam but you will refresh on important material first learned in the Private Pilot Ground School. We want you to not only be safe but confident and competent when you take flight once again. Combining quality flight training from the flight school of your choice with the Level Flight Rusty Wings Ground School, you'll set yourself up for success!

The topics covered include:
- Air Law
- General Knowledge
- Meteorology
- Navigation
- PSTAR Exam Prep

This course has a 6-month expiry date.
  • Introduction
  • Getting Rid of the Rust
  • Browser Configuration
  • Questions and Support
  • Private Pilot Ground School Highlights
  • Air Law and Procedures
  • Air Law Quiz
  • Flight Operations
  • Human Factors
  • Meteorology
  • Meteorology Quiz
  • Navigation and Radio Aids
  • E6-B Practice
  • Flight Planning
  • PSTAR Exam Preparation
  • Introduction
  • 1.0 Collision Avoidance
  • 2.0 Visual Signals
  • 3.0 Communications
  • 4.0 Aerodromes
  • 5.0 Equipment
  • 6.0 Pilot Responsibilities
  • 7.0 Wake Turbulence
  • 8.0 Aeromedical
  • 9.0 Flight Plans and Itineraries
  • 10.0 Clearances and Instructions
  • 11.0 Aircraft Operations
  • 12.0 Regulations - General Airspace
  • 13.0 Controlled Airspace
  • 14.0 Aviation Occurrences
  • PSTAR Practice Exam 1
  • PSTAR Practice Exam 2
  • PSTAR Practice Exam 3
  • Completion
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever